10 Interesting Facts About Lucid Dreaming That Will Open Your Mind

What exactly is Lucid Dreaming? It is a state in which an individual is very much aware that he/she is dreaming. For some people, Lucid Dreaming may be natural, which means they have the ability to control the dreams in which they want to have every night, and for some, it may be quite an experience.

Lucid Dreaming was first reported by the ancient Egyptians as dreams of this kind were recorded in their early hieroglyphic scripts depicting of an experience of a headed bird floating above a human body or a human corpse in some instances. This has been believed to have generated our idea of 'mobile awareness' during Lucid Dreaming.

Most experienced lucid dreamers accounted that they could consciously flick between dreams and have been dreaming in that sense since childhood. Another thing that has been reported is the ability of an individual to be able to open one's eyes when experiencing a nightmare which is clearly very possible for lucid dreaming.Lucid dreaming is regarded as a very distinctive state of consciousness as emphasized by the works of Susan Blakemore. One could undoubtedly communicate with companions in the outside world through rapid eye movement seen on a sleeping person, and on the hand of it, the lucid dreamer could be communicated of stimuli from the outside world to his/her dreams in forms of different representations.

Because lucid dreaming is more pleasant than not, many dreamers desire to experiment with the experience. Fortunately for them, lucid dreaming can be intensified with serotonin, and Vitamin B6 does just the job as it converts Tryptophan to serotonin in the body. It is also recognized that lucid dreaming can be fully achieved with meditation, which is why Buddhist monks have practiced it over the years to be able to reach a higher level of spiritual discipline. In fact, Lucid Dreaming originated from their practice called 'Tibetan Dream Yoga.'

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