5 Effective Ways Of Giving Stinky Feet A

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“A good shoe often takes you to good places”, that's a saying I have always believed in. However, have you imagined what would happen if anyone discovered that beneath those beautiful, comfy shoes is a pair of feet that actually smells like you've never tried washing those gems for ages? Uhuh, you heard me. I'm referring to the old-fashion “stanky feet” symptom.

I have numerous pairs of shoes to be honest. Most of these are flat shoes and sneakers since I'm not that fond of stilettos and heels. I wear them a lot every day, all day. But then, at the end of the day, upon taking off these shoes, I noticed that there is a bit of that “unwanted” scent that mostly is displeasing to our sense of smell. Of course, I have to do something about it since I know it's just a major turn off to anyone.

I looked for things that I could do on how to avoid this “unwanted” smell and came upon 5 ways to avoid this.

Wear socks all the time. Nowadays, there is a sock design that will be perfectly paired to the type of shoe that you are wearing. Socks absorb sweat and mind you, our feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body.

Treat your feet to a tea soak daily if you're feeling that the smell comes out more often. Soaking your feet with a black tea for 20 minutes every day can help kill bacteria that are causing this odor.

Invest in a good foot powder of foot spray. Just like deodorants for our underarms, our feet also need this stuff because they usually help the feet to be drier. And we all know that sweaty feet are the main reason why we sometimes have that “unwanted smell” coming out when we take off our shoes.

Change your shoes every day. What I meant with this is to alternately wear different shoes daily. Wearing the same pair of shoes every day will allow more bacteria to thrive in the shoes since you don't give them time to breathe.

Free your feet if you can. Yes, my dear, give time for your feet to breathe by taking them off, maybe while you are sitting in front of your desk. Or if you are watching a movie, just let those gems of yours take in a few oxygen to help fight the growing bacteria and fungi that might be lurking in those shoes of yours.

So now, don't tell me that you'll still have that "unwanted" smell after you follow these simple ways... cause I know you won't!

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