5 Signs You Have Found Your Soul Mate

Do you believe in soul-mates? Spiritually speaking, every person you encounter and interact here on earth has a purpose. It is either to teach you a lesson or you will learn from them. Even before we are born on this earth, our spiritual half has been determined and all of us has an intended perfect match called soul-mate or twin flame. Soul-mate or best known as someone intended to help you complete yourself.

Soul-mate relationships can be tough at the beginning. It's like solving a missing piece of puzzle. After the turning, twisting and flipping of the pieces of the puzzle around, you feel the satisfaction when you reach the moment that it's perfectly whole and everything is a perfect click. It's like a feeling deep in your soul wherein you can tell, “This is the right one”. Many instances in our life that soul-mates appear in disguise, like bumping to someone you didn't know and there's this mysterious force that abruptly occurs pushing you forward that makes you feel and tell to yourself that this is “the right one”.

So how does one know that you've found your soul-mate? Firstly, there is an instant chemistry to both of you. A comfortable feeling when the other half is around, or simply you have things in common for each other that makes both of you conversing effortlessly. Secondly, you are able to be your real self. You don't need to pretend your thoughts and feelings toward your partner or even impress them just to win over. Being yourself is always the best attitude one should have.

Third, they challenge you. They will push you towards your goals, dreams and motivates you to move outside your shell and go out with your comfort zone. Remember, every person you met has a purpose; so better embrace every single moment if you had the chance. Fourth, you experience many “psychic moments” together. It is like the other one is born to read what's inside your mind.

Fifth, your love endures with the years. It is a kind of love that continues to grow and never fades like temporary love. Never a second you are tempted to leave your soul-mate alone.

So if ever you've found your soul-mate, enjoy every moment because not all are blessed to experience it in a lifetime. If you haven't found the soul-mate intended for you, worry not because God has the best soul-mate in store for you. Always bear in mind that patience is a virtue.

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