A Simple Natural Homemade Remedy to Quit Smoking

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Are you a smoker and want to quit? Here is a great A Simple Natural Homemade Remedy to Quit Smoking from Natural News that can possibly help you. Healthy living is all about consistently doing things that are good for your overall wellbeing. It means eating healthy foods making sure you are eating fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and protein of your choice which can also be acquired through plant foods for vegetarians and vegans who don't eat meat or animal products. Healthy is also about including some form of exercise in your daily routine whether that is walking, yoga, biking, swimming or working out at the gym. Anything that gets your heart rate up and your body moving is wonderful to do for at least a half an hour to an hour per day. Also, you can use natural medicine over modern medicine to help you with any ailments you may be experiencing. There are plenty of things that don't promote healthy living, but we can partake in them if we choose to like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. When you choose to partake in these types of substances, you are usually aware of the health risks that they can cause as well. Smoking can cause lung cancer, throat cancer and other serious illnesses over time. Cigarettes are one of the most highly addictive substances because of the nicotine that is added into them, so once someone starts, they may get hooked easily and become addicted. Once you are addicted to cigarettes, and if you are already addicted to cigarettes, you may know that it can be very difficult to stop.

There are so many different strategies on how to stop smoking, and different people have different results with them. Sometimes you just have to be ready to quit and not have a need for smoking the cigarettes anymore. People smoke cigarettes for different reasons, but a very common one is to relieve stress and anxiety. But the funny thing is that cigarettes actually increase our heart rate which can cause more stress and high blood pressure. People may find the act of smoking to relieve their stress, but when you think about it, all you are really doing is taking deep inhales and exhales. It may be the breathing that calms people down after all. Just try it out for yourself, take 10 deep breaths right now and see how you feel after. Sometimes we get so preoccupied that we forget to breathe well, it sounds silly, but it is true. There are also plenty of nicotine substitutes out there like nicotine gum and the patch that give you the rush of the nicotine while slowly weaning you off of smoking. These can also become addictive if people aren't careful though. So why not try out some natural medicine to help curb the smoking habit? Natural medicine has no harsh side effects and it may actually work if you give it a shot. This is one of the natural home remedies that you can make fairly easily at home, this one is a concoction that is made with natural home remedies like grapefruit juice, orange, coconut oil, chamomile tea, jojoba oil and more herbs and plant medicines. Apparently whenever you want to smoke you just inhale the aromas of this mixture and it is supposed to curb your cravings. They also list other natural home remedies like eating oats, cayenne pepper, ginseng and more. It's worth a try and you might actually find yourself not smoking cigarettes any more. As with anything, use your own discernment and quit if it doesn't sit well with you.*

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