Apparently I've Been Taking The Husk Off The Corncob Wrong My Entire Life. I Had No Idea.

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For all of us out there who love corn on the cob know how delicious it is. We also know what a pain it can be to remove the husk. Corn is well loved by people all over the world, and it's actually America's number one crop. Corn crops are at the top in regards to value as well as volume. In one year, one U.S. corn crop makes enough corn and food for 129 people, both in the US and internationally. GMO corn crops were created to grow corn in nutrient depleted soil, but these GMOs and chemicals can be toxic to us, especially those with a sensitive digestive system. Even though technically, corn is gluten free, the GMO corn can really wreak havoc on our bodies. GMO corn crops don't contain the same vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that organic corn contains., which is why it's best to buy organic corn and check the labelling on any corn or products that contain corn ingredients. So whether you're eating corn on the cob or you're using corn tortillas for your tacos, try to make sure that the corn comes from organic corn crops. Organic corn is full of great antioxidants plus it's high in fibre. The antioxidants in the corn actually raise when it is cooked, which is very different from other vegetables which tend to lose nutrients when they are cooked.

So once you have your delicious and nutritious corn, you're going to want to peel it before you use it in a recipe or cook it to have corn on the cob. Actually, there is actually a way that you can cook your corn with the husks still on making it even easier. You basically soak the corn ears for a while before go on the grill so that they won't burn and then you grill them on your barbeque for up to 25 minutes. Then you can peel off the husk and eat your corn after it's grilled. The steam from generated from cooking the corn will help the husk to come off more easily which is how this simple life hack works. All you need to do is chop off the bottom part of the corn and the husk. Just cut enough so that you can see the first row of corn niblets on the corn ear. Then, you put the corn ears in the microwave for 2-4 minutes. The microwave will provide enough heat to generate steam from the water in the corn which helps to loosen up the husk and the silk. Take your corn out of the microwave and let it cool down enough so that you can handle it. Hold the ear of corn by the top of the husk and shake it until the corn ear slides right out. You can also squeeze it a bit until it comes out. This is one of the simple life hacks you can try out that will ensure that you won't end up with the usual mess that is left behind by corn husks and silk and makes our lives easier.

From there, you can cook your corn any way you like it. Grilling it gives it that nice flame roasted flavour which tastes great with some lime and chilli powder on it. You can also boil your corn for an easy corn recipe. Some people even like to slice off the corn niblets and make a creamed corn recipe from their fresh corn ears. However you like it, try one of these simple life hacks to peel your corn in the easiest way possible.***

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