Chemical Free Trick to Clean That Nasty Toilet Bowl Ring for .25 Cents, the Before and After Will Amaze You!

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If you've ever found it difficult to get rid of hard water buildup, even after using a variety of toilet bowl cleaners, you are not alone. Hard water build up is a problem that can be annoying and unsightly and throw a curve into your regular cleaning routine. The good news is that this chemical-free tip can solve this cleaning dilemma and with an inexpensive ingredient, you can get the job done. And the best part is that this cleaning tip is safe to use around your family and for the environment. All it takes is lemon Koolaid that works at removing the hard water stains in your toilet and also works in the dishwasher for removing soap scum build up from the insides. The citric acid in the Koolaid is what works at removing those pesky stains. You will want to take a look at the short video tutorial for this bathroom cleaning hack.

Did you know that about 85 percent of homes in the U.S. have hard water? Hard water can wreak havoc on faucets, tubs, dishwashers and other appliances that can be effected by these mineral deposits. Hard water contains lime and other minerals that stain all sorts of surfaces and can also clog showerheads. There are several powerful limescale removers that are available at the store. Unfortunately, these limescale removers contain chemicals that are toxic to the lungs and other body parts. To keep your home and the environment safe you will want to try nontoxic cleaners and natural house cleaners to get rid of these troublesome mineral deposits. For faucets, you can try the nontoxic cleaning tip of rubbing a lemon rind over chrome faucets in the house. Then you want to soak some paper towels in some white vinegar and put onto the faucets. Wait about an hour, remove the paper towels and rinse clean. For showerheads, you can also use white vinegar to remove hard water deposits. Remove the showerhead and soak in white vinegar for several hours. Afterward give the showerhead a good scrub and put back on. A bathroom cleaning hack for annoying mineral deposit streaks on shower doors you can use white vinegar in a spray bottle. Simply spray the shower heads with pure white vinegar and then wipe clean. White wine also works for cleaning shower doors.

For the dishwasher, you can also use white vinegar to get rid of hard water deposits. It is best to use some white vinegar in an empty dishwasher by running it through a full cycle when it is empty. This is a good idea to do once a month to keep your dishwasher clean and working at its best. White vinegar also works wonders on cleaning and disinfecting bathroom mats. Just pour enough white vinegar onto the mat to coat it, and let it soak for about an hour. Afterward, scrub the mat clean with a brush and rinse with warm water. For hard water stains in the toilet, this bathroom cleaning hack uses a can of coca cola to get it looking like new again. Simply pour the soda into the toilet bowl, let it soak for about an hour, then flush, it's that easy. White vinegar also works for toilets, simply let soak, and rinse.

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