Four Crystals For Empaths And Sensitive Souls

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Are you highly sensitive? If so you may also be highly empathic. Some people who are highly empathic are called empaths as well. Having empathy is a natural human ability that helps us to connect with those around us so we can have deeper relationships. Being highly empathic though means that you tend to feel people's emotions very intensely sometimes and you may even take them on as your own. Highly empathic people have a heightened sense of awareness and can sense a lot of the energy from other people which can make them like sponges if they don't set proper boundaries. It's not a good idea to take on other people's problems and emotions since they should handle their own stuff. You can learn to use your empathic nature for good while still protecting your energy and keeping yourself happy and healthy. You can work on setting healthy boundaries, as well as getting good rest and using meditation to help you restore your energy. Crystals and other healing tools are also great to use if you're really sensitive. Conscious Reminder shares some of the best crystals you can get if you're highly empathic and sensitive. You can find these crystals in person at a crystal store, or you can also buy them online. Go with the crystals that call to you the most, or if you can, buy all of these healing crystals to start your own crystal collection.

1. The first crystal on the list is called Sugilite. This is a very protective stone that helps you gain more awareness and helps you ground yourself. It's really pretty too and can be purple with spots of either black, grey, or white. As a shielding stone, you will feel a bubble of protection around you. It's said to keep negative energy away from you. It also connects you to your higher awareness by opening your third eye chakra. This will help you in discerning whether or not a person or situation is good for you or not so you can prevent yourself from getting involved with toxic people.

2. Lapis Lazuli is another beautiful stone of protection. The Egyptians used this stone as one of their healing stones to help with spiritual development. This stone will help to seal and strengthen your auric field which is the energy field around each person. It's also said that it blocks lower energies.

3. A stone called Lepidolite is wonderful for highly empathic people since it helps when you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious. It's a great stress reliever, and it can also help to clear and balance your energy.

4. Rainbow Fluorite is a crystal that can assist you on all levels of your being. It's also such a beautiful range of colours including pink, purple, white, blue, green, yellow, red, and black. It also naturally forms in geometric shapes like the cube and the octahedron. The energy of fluorite will help to organize energy and provide grounding and protection for you. It's also great for meditation and purification.

These are the four crystals that will help you out if you're highly sensitive or empathic, but there are many other healing crystals you can try out too. Quartz is always a great crystal to add to your collection as it's deemed the master crystal. Black tourmaline is wonderful if you work in an office all day to protect your energy from others as well as the electromagnetic frequencies from computers. Always be sure to practice self-care and set boundaries to protect yourself. Highly empathic people need more time and space to themselves so allow yourself some time alone often.***

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