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You will want to read further for here's what a man consumed and overcame his diabetes without medicine. We all love to read a natural remedy cure every now and again and hope that it can either help ourselves or someone we know suffering from a disease. The story starts about four years ago when a young man was diagnosed with diabetes along with high blood pressure. So it was only inevitable that he would have to take insulin and high blood pressure pills.

The good news is that by eating raw fruits and vegetables he successfully overcame his illness! It was only by accident that he found out he had diabetes. It started out by his constant feeling of being thirsty. So he went to see his doctor and was quite shocked with his diagnosis. They told his pancreas was no longer working and that he wouldn't be able to live without insulin.So he accepted his diabetes, even though he was reluctant to take the insulin regularly and he also participated in some sports activities. However, over time, some other medical problems appeared. His triglyceride levels went up to 16; his pressure also went up to 150/100.

So it was on New Years Eve of 2013 that he decided he had enough of being ill and he turned over a new page. He said he turned on the television, and there was a show called 'The Edge of Science' in which he saw the guest Dr. John Zirdum who lived on raw foods for 12 years. After he had watched the show, he gave it some thought and decided he would give it a try. So he purchased a blender and that was the beginning of his new life.

So for seven days with all of the same temptation, he successfully overcame them. Amazingly in a very short amount of time, he got good results, with his blood sugar level dropping to 5. He was so surprised and decided to stop taking his insulin because he thought it was only logical that by keeping his healthy diet that his sugar levels were unlikely to increase. He also thought that if his blood sugar levels did increase, he would take insulin, but all went well. Quickly enough he began losing weight.

Each day with his new healthy diet he was losing a kilo. In about 25 days he lost 11 kilograms. Four months have passed since he began his raw food shift, and he feels like a changed man. He no longer has to take insulin, his blood sugar is a healthy 120/70, he has lost more than 20 kilograms, his triglycerides level is 1.4, he lives without taking a single pill, and he feels great!

His favorite juice recipe has the following ingredients of kale, kiwis, bananas, apples and water. You can enjoy this juice in the morning and drink the rest of it during the day. If you are feeling hungry, you should always be eating some fruit salads, along with some tuna which gives your body the B12 that it needs. You should never try a new diet without first checking with your health care practitioner. It goes to show how eating healthy can set you in the right direction for feeling better and possibly getting away from relying on medications for the rest of your life.

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