Have You Seen This? Absolutely Amazing! The Science of Auras and Energy

A person's aura says a lot about his or her personality and character. Not everybody believes in this though, but it is hard to deny the effect of one's energy towards other people and pretty much everything that they do in life. Some people say that they could read other people's aura while others are still having trouble determining their own aura. But before we go deep into the subject, allow us to teach you first what an aura really is and why is it important that it is checked.

Basically, an aura is the energy that radiates from your body, according to spiritual practice. As we have mentioned earlier, not all people believe in it, but there are so much evidence out there that can prove its significance and existence in the human race. Others who can read a person's aura are said to have the gift of discernment. This matter falls under the subject parapsychology, so for the skeptics out there; we can't really blame you if you don't get to put your faith in it unless science proves it and have some documented facts about it.

Science may not yet go into the matter deeply,but for some reason art seems to have captured something about it this time. If you haven't heard of Kirlian photography, then this might be something that will interest you. There are some researches saying now that this method can show the aura of any object that the camera captures. The person who discovered it goes by the name of Seymond Kirlian who was a simple electrician and maintenance man in Russia for a local hospital. To know more about this, check out Likeadee's link below and see some of the pictures taken using this technique. This might also give you goosebumps so be ready for that as well.

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