Here's 7 Common Spices That Could Save Your Life

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Did you know you might already have your own natural home remedy kit sitting in your spice rack? Spices can do a lot more than just flavour our food; they can actually serve as natural remedies that help us feel better or even prevent us from getting sick. Here are 7 common spices that could save your life.

Spices have added colour, flavour, and delicious aromas to our food since the beginning of time, and they are something that every culture throughout the world holds dear. You can tell a lot about a culture by the kinds of spices they use, and particular blends of spices gives each culture its unique taste for example, we often associate turmeric, cumin, and curry with East Indian cuisine and oregano, basil, and parsley with Italian dishes. Spices do a lot more than just give our foods their delicious taste, however. Spices also season and preserve our food they allow it to keep for much longer than it would if they hadn't been added. Even more significantly, spices can serve as potent natural medicines, natural remedies, and natural supplements, and you don't even have to go to the store to buy them they might already be in your pantry.

One of these potent natural medicines that come in spice form is cinnamon. Cinnamon is an ancient spice that comes from the inner bark of several different types of the Cinnamomum genus of trees. Cinnamon grows naturally in Burma, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Herodotus reported it grew in Arabia along with ladanum, incense, and myrrh. In Egypt and Greece, cinnamon was considered to be worth its weight in gold and was a proper gift for royalty and gods alike. In the legend of the Phoenix, the great bird builds its nest from cinnamon and other warming spices so that it may regenerate itself through the fire. And indeed, cinnamon has been used for centuries as a natural remedy and warming agent for rheumatism and arthritic pain. It can be taken internally in the form of cinnamon tea or infused cinnamon bark, or it can be made into an essential oil, mixed with olive oil, and then rubbed into the painful area for relief. As far as the nutritional value of cinnamon goes, it contains high amounts of calcium, manganese, iron, and it's an excellent source for dietary fiber. Cinnamon is a natural anti-fungal ingredient and can be used to combat candida yeast infections. It can also help the body regulate blood sugar levels and can therefore be useful in the treatment of Diabetes. Cinnamon has shown positive results for stimulating weight loss as well. As a natural blood thinner, cinnamon can potentially lower blood pressure levels and improve one's cardiovascular health, but if you are taking blood thinner medication, it's best not to ingest too much cinnamon. As with any natural remedy, please be sure to consult your physician or naturopath, or both, before starting a new natural medicine to ensure that it will not interfere with any drugs that you are already taking.

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