People Are Applauding This Dog For Trying To Clean Up His Own Pee With Toilet Paper

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Anyone who has a pet knows that while they can mean more responsibility, they are also a lot of fun. People are praising this dog for trying to clean up his own pee with toilet paper, and there's even some photo proof of the whole thing. This little pup could maybe even give us some bathroom cleaning tips to use in the future. Animals are usually much smarter than we give them credit for. They have a knack for picking up on subtle energy and different cues that we may not even notice or see until someone points out. It's true that dogs and cats don't have the same logical thinking brain that we have, but they can pick up different patterns and even emotions since emotions have an energy of their own too. Pets add so much positivity and joy to our lives and they contribute so much to our overall health and wellbeing. Which is why there are pets that are trained therapy pets. People with illnesses and with anxiety and depression respond really well to having an animal in their lives. So much so that their symptoms reduce significantly. Other people find that having a dog especially helps with their sense of health and wellbeing because it gets them out of the house and into nature, exercising at least once or twice a day when they take their dog for a walk. Plus it's hard not to feel happier when you have an excited wagging tail greeting you when you come home everyday.

This puppy named Pablo, is the light of his owner, Acelin Hampton's life. Acelin loves his dog so much that he posts regularly about him on social media which most pet owners tend to do a lot. But hey, there's no shame in loving your furry friends and wanting to show them off. When you share your photos like Acelin did on Twitter, you're also able to perhaps brighten someone else's day while you're at it and make them smile as well. Especially if they do something as funny as what little Pablo did when Acelin left him under the care of a friend of his. It's normal for dogs, especially puppies to have accidents on the floor sometimes. Well, Pablo had a little accident on the bathroom floor, and what Acelin came home to was strange, yet hilariously cute. Pablo had taken some of his owner's own bathroom cleaning tips, and put them to use himself. He actually grabbed toilet paper from the roll and carried it across the room to cover up his pee. How cute is that? The little guy just wanted to help cover up his mess. He must have learned these cleaning tips from watching his owner clean up after him when he had an accident on the floor. It's quite impressive that he would remember how to cover up his mess. Acelin even remarked that he wouldn't be able to sternly punish his little guy for this one.

If you have a pet that has a habit of going to the potty on the floor, you can use some very natural cleaning items to wipe it all up. The scent of the urine is usually what can be difficult to get out of fabrics and floors, but with some plain old white vinegar, you should be able to reduce the scent of the pee. You can even mix your vinegar with some lemon juice or essential oils like orange or lemon to get rid of the scent, but plain vinegar should do the trick. Enjoy more funny posts like this on on Buzzfeed.***

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