She Attaches a Tennis Ball to a Broomstick... When I Saw Why, I Ran to Try It

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Who needs expensive cleaning solutions when you can try out diy ideas online? In this tutorial from Mark Taylor's blog, we get to learn how to use a tennis ball for something quite interesting. Usually you would be using your tennis balls to play some tennis, or maybe throw for your dog to play catch out at the park. But toady you're going to learn of one of the awesome real life hacks that involves using a tennis ball for cleaning purposes. If you do play tennis a lot, then that's perfect, since you'll have a good collection of them in your house already. When you've been using them for games a lot, the balls tend to lose their bounce after a while, but there's no need to throw them away when you can reuse them for diy ideas like this. You can also use your tennis balls for giving yourself a nice massage, just by placing a couple of them on the areas of your back or neck where it's tense and laying on them to use your body weight to activate pressure points and relieve your sore muscles. You can roll around on them for a while and it can be quite therapeutic.

This list from the Mark Taylor's website features a total of 10 alternative uses for these balls which you can put to use in your own home. For one, you can take an old tennis ball and cut it open to insert a broom stick. Just cut the ball open enough so you can fit the end of the broom into it. Then, you can use it to scrub off any scuff marks that are on your hardwood floors. It should be really good for those scuff marks caused by the soles of shoes and even for some light furniture scuffs. You can also take an old tennis ball and use it as a marker in your garage to show you when you're close to running into something in your garage space. Simply take your tennis ball and attach it to a piece of string, then, hang the string from the ceiling in at the point where it will touch your windshield when you dive in. When the ball touches your window, you know you're in the perfect parking spot in your garage. There are also some cleaning tips involving tennis balls, including using them as dryer balls. They may even speed up the drying process by fluffing up heavier things like a blanket or a duvet.

You can also use your tennis balls to package up a parcel to mail it. The tennis balls will create a cushioning for the items you're mailing so that nothing gets broken. So if you're not into tennis, where can you buy some of these handy balls? Just go to any sports store, or even some dollar stores may have them. If your hardware store has a sporting section, you should be able to find some there too. A tube of tennis balls won't even cost you more than $5 to $10 or so. You can have them delivered right to your house if you order off of Amazon too. The Mark Taylor company is an apartment complex developer in the US. The company builds multi family units so that everyone can have access to appropriate housing. They rent out beautiful apartments and condos and in Arizona and Nevada, some of the most gorgeous properties you've seen. Plus, they also offer up cool information like this on their blog to help their tenants keep their home looking and feeling like new.***

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