So Fresh, So Clean: You Need These DIY Toilet Bombs In Your Life

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So fresh, so clean, you need these diy toilet bombs in your life, especially if you like to keep your cleaning all natural. Toilet cleaning is probably one of the worst cleaning jobs ever, which is why it's always great when amazing hacks like this come around. Thank's to BuzzFeed's Nifty, you can make your toilet cleaning experience a quick and painless one. Depending on how much your toilet gets used, you may clean it once every week or once every couple of weeks. If you have more than one bathroom in your house, chances are you probably don't use one of the toilets in your home as much as you use the others. The toilets that sit with water in them for long periods of time tend to get a ring of calcium or lime deposits on them which can look really nasty and can be extremely difficult to remove. Some people try harsh chemicals to remove these stains, but it's much better to use a natural toilet cleaner to get the job done. One, because it's safer for you and your family, including your furry family members who may drink out of the toilet, and its way healthier for the earth. We have to remember that everything we flush down our toilet or our drains ends up in the rivers, lakes and oceans of the earth, so if we want to keep our water clean, we better use natural cleaners over chemical ones.

If you liked the fresh scents of your chemical cleaners, you can also add some essential oils into your natural toilet cleaners. To make these cool little toilet bombs all you need are a few ingredients. Some baking soda, citric acid, dish soap, and an ice cube tray. These toilet bombs are so similar to bath bombs that you can buy at the store or make at home. If you've ever used a bath bomb before, you know it fizzes up a lot in your warm bath creating a really cool effect. Sometimes the bathwater changes colour, sometimes glitter explodes into the water, and there are also ones that can reveal a special surprise. Bath bombs always smell so good too because of the therapeutic essential oils that are added to them. If you want your toilet bombs to have a scent, just add in a few drops of your favourite essential oils, lemon or orange would be great for cleaning products, or even mint or eucalyptus. All you do is mix all of the ingredients together, including the baking soda, citric acid and dish soap, and then press them into a silicon ice cube tray. You leave them to set for at least 4 hours or more and they will dry up in to solid cubes.

Then, you can take the cubes out of the trays and put them in cute jars. In this tutorial they call them Potty Pods which is a really cute name for them. So you could make a label like theirs to add to your jar so people don't confuse them for bath bombs. The best thing about these is that they're 100% natural, and they work all on their own. You don't even need to scrub your toilet if you don't want to. When you drop one of the pods into the toilet bowl, it instantly starts fizzing up and working it's cleaning magic. After a few minutes when it settles down, you just flush the toilet and it's clean. Try the natural toilet cleaner bombs out on your toilets at home and see how they work for you.***

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