This Ginger Turmeric Tea Can Do Wonders To Your Health

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You will want to try this quick and easy recipe for ginger turmeric tea for anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory! There are so many benefits to this natural remedy tea that you will want to have a cup of it everyday.You will want to use a masticating juicer to extract the juice for this tea. The ingredients you will need for this warm tea include ginger root juice, or you can use some ginger powder, turmeric juice or you can use some turmeric powder, lemon without the peel, some raw honey, cinnamon powder and some hot water. Then you mix all of the ingredients into some hot water and sip while still warm.

The healthy ingredients in this ginger turmeric tea recipe are a natural remedy for anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The tea remedy can also help toward anti-cancer and anti-ageing. It can also be a natural remedy for diseases of the digestive tract, and can prevent oxidation of cholesterol and helps to reduce the risks of heart diseases. This tea is also a natural remedy for the deterioration of mental performance and can improve the intestinal flora, and the health of the gastrointestinal. The tea is a natural remedy for the common cold, relieves sinusitis and so much more. A couple of notes about the natural remedy turmeric to remember, are that it can stain, so you want to be careful not to spill any on your clothes, or kitchen counters. You also want to avoid this natural remedy if you are pregnant or on medication.

The Juicing for Health site was created by Sara, who started the natural remedy and juice recipe site because of her passion for healthy living, and after going through a rough spot in her health and her life. At one point her health was deteriorating so bad because of her malnutrition. Not because she wasn't eating enough, but rather because of her poor choices of food that deprived her body of getting the necessary nutrients needed to stay healthy.

In her early thirties, she had developed many health problems. She was tired and needed to sleep all the time as if her system was shutting down. Her facial complexion looked dull, the skin on my legs were dry and scaly, and my hair was falling out in chunks. She even experienced short-term memory loss, hypothyroidism, and low blood pressure. In short she was a total mess!Her visit to the family doctor proved to be in vain. The doctor could not diagnose what was wrong with her except that she must be going through some work stress. Some medication to cure the work stress was prescribed to her, and she was told to take them to alleviate her health problems.As she sat at home and looked at the multitude of colored pills, a dreaded feeling went through her. She didn't want to depend on these pills to make her feel better again. She also wondered if she would feel better again, and she wanted to know how she had gotten to this point in her life, and how she could get out of depending on these medications she knew nothing about.

She learned that drinking fresh juice recipes was the best way to get the nutrients into her body fast and effectively. She learned how the body system works, what the body needs to stay healthy. And even how some conditions may be reversed with proper nourishment and the natural remedy of juicing recipes. She applied what she studied and began drinking lots of juicing recipes and began to feel better.

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