Want to Use Some Bottles in a Project? This Incredible Trick Will Remove Labels from Multiple Bottles!

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There are so many great DIY ideas that use and recycle bottles as part of the project. The trickiest part about using bottles is usually trying to get the labels off, with some labels coming off without a hitch, while others can be a bit more troublesome. On this diy site, you will find a few simple life hacks for getting labels off with simple tricks that will leave the bottles looking like new, ready to be reused again. All over the internet, you will find DIY ideas and fun ways to recycle bottles and make them into new and interesting things. You will find bottles and jars recycled into lights, gardens, candle holders, glasses, food containers and more. One of the real life hacks that make our lives easier when it comes to getting labels off bottles is by using hot water, white vinegar, and some dish soap. This real life hacks just requires that you let the bottles or jars soak about 20 minutes until the labels start to come off. You will want to take a look at the site for other simple life hacks that will have your bottles and jars label-free in no time.

When it comes to white vinegar, there are all sorts of simple life hacks using the ingredient that can make our lives easier. The following are just some of the real life hacks that you can use vinegar for.

1. One popular simple life hack that uses vinegar is using it to unclog your sink. When the bathtub or sink drain clogs up, it can lead to some serious headaches. Clogs can be stubborn and usually need a visit to the store and some expensive products or tools to fix. But next time this happens to try unclogging the drain with some vinegar. To start to boil some water and pour it down the blocked drain. Then pour in about half a cup of baking soda and wait a few minutes. Mix some hot water and some vinegar together and add it to the drain then wait about ten minutes. To finish off this simple life hack, you can add some more boiling water and your drain should be cleared of sludge and like new again.

2. Simple white vinegar can help soothe a jellyfish or a bee sting by simply dabbing a bit of white vinegar on the irritated spot. A little white vinegar that is lightly rubbed on the skin can also be useful in helping to relieve painful sunburn.

3. If you have an outdoor garden, you might know what it's like to have cats wandering around your yard. This simple life hack works as a pet repellent to keep cats from wandering around your home and garden like they own the place. All it takes is to spray some white vinegar around your the back or front yard, and because pets have such a keen sense of smell, it will keep them away.

4. White vinegar can also be used to fix dirty glasses. If you have prescription glasses or sunglasses and they keep getting dirty, just dab a bit of white vinegar on them. All it takes is to apply a small amount of the white vinegar to the lenses and let it sit for a couple of seconds. Then rub it off gently with a soft cloth and the dirty smudges and stains will disappear leaving your glasses shiny and clear.

These real life hacks for getting labels off bottles are just some of the tips that will make our lives easier on the HomeSpot site. Other things you will find on site include cleaning tips, crafts and decor, home improvement, furniture projects, home maintenance and repair, organization, tips and tricks, yard and garden and more. **

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